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Member: Paul Youhill trading as Hedgemaster
Based in: Wallingford
Date joined: 27/09/2016
Comments: Welcome to new member Paul Youhill who trades as Hedgemaster in Wallingford and throughout Oxfordshire. Paul is qualified for chainsaw related work for small trees and says 'Hedgemaster is here for all your hedging needs. Trimming formal hedges, reducing and renovating neglected hedges, shaping topiary and planting new hedging. Paul, who is qualified and experienced in arboriculture, will be carrying out your hedge trimming needs. He has a keen eye for formal, straight hedges as well as being able to maintain the more natural lines of informal hedges, turning his hand from hedge trimmer to secateurs. We are located in South Oxfordshire and carry work out throughout Oxfordshire, East Gloucestershire and North Berkshire areas. For hedges to look their best, contact Hedgemaster!' 

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