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We know that finding a competent and reliable gardener is important to you - which is why only self employed gardeners with at least one horticultural qualification are eligible for membership. Our members can help with all aspects of regular garden and grounds maintenance.

Who are the qualified gardeners in Aylesbury?

Member: Wendy Curtis trading as Lady Gardener
Based in: Aylesbury
Date joined: 10/03/2016
Comments: Wendy is RHS qualified and says 'I am a trained horticulturalist. Studied with the Horticultural Correspondence College both in horticulture and garden layout planning and design. I am a qualified Master composter. The business has been going for seven years. Mainly garden services which includes, weeding, planting plans. Pruning of shrubs which is done seasonally. Vegetables and herbs. Fruit trees depending on the size. Pest and diseases treated organically where possible. I generally do a garden as a whole project. I also like to visit clients and have a proper look, this gives me a better idea of the garden and the client gets to meet me. My partner also comes and helps so there is just the two of us and a white van'.

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