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What is the difference between a Gardener and Garden Consultant?

Garden Consultants give independent advice. Their advice is unbiased because they are being paid to give advice and do not assume that they will be the Contractor who actually does the work. Garden Consultants often have an area of interest that they specialise in (such as wildflowers etc) or offer general advice such as writing a maintenance schedule.

In contrast, gardeners are Contractors who will offer advice about the work you have asked them to complete. Their public liability insurance includes an element of professional indemnity for the advice they give you only when conducting work you have asked them to carry out.

Garden Consultants will have experience relevant to their specialist subject and/or relevant qualifications.

What do Garden Consultants offer?

A Garden Consultants service will typically include:
- An initial consultation. This is often free but may be either face to face or via telephone,
- A site assessment for measurements, samples and observations,
- A report with recommendations, fact sheets and research. Garden Consultants will often provide their advice in a written format that you can refer back to later.
- Demonstrations,
- Work estimates,
- The chance to ask questions,
- Review and telephone/email support as appropriate.

Garden Consultants may also offer:
- Training
- Garden tours/guides
- Public speaking
- Research
- Guest panelist for Q&A
- Presenting. At least 2 TGG members have presented on national television.

Many professional affinity groups will have Contracting members and Consultant members. For example, if you need advice about a tree you can contact the Aboricultural Association who have tree Consultants and Contracting Tree Surgeons.

The Gardeners Guild now has a category of membership for qualified/experienced gardeners who offer standalone, unbiased gardening advice.

Please be aware that professional traders are being trained to distinguish between contracting advice and consultancy advice and will charge accordingly for their time.