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Native Trees

Trees that are native to the UK are, logically, easier to grow in the UK! Here is a list of trees that are native to Britain and much of the UK:

Acer Campestre or Field Maple
Aesculus Hippocastanum or Horse Chestnut
Alnus Glutinosa or Common Alder
Arbutus Unedo or Strawberry Tree
Betula Pendula or Silver Birch
Betula Pubescens or Downy Birch
Buxux Sempervinens or Box
Carpinus Betulus or Hornbeam
Castanea Sativa or Sweet Chestnut
Corylus Avellana or Hazel
Crataegus Leavigata or Midland Hawthorn
Fagus Sylvatica or Beech
Fraxinus Excelsior or Common Ash
Ilex Aquifolium or Holly
Juglans Regia or Walnut
Malus Sylvestris or Crab Apple
Pinus Sylvestris or Scots Pine
Populus Alba or White Poplar
Populas Nigra or Black Poplar
Populas Tremula or Aspen
Prunus Avium or Wild Cherry
Prunus Padus or Bird Cherry
Prunus Spinosa or Blackthorn
Quercus Robur or English Oak
Quercus Petraea or Sessile Oak
Salix Alba or White Willow
Salix Caprea or Goat Willow
Salix Fragilis or Crack Willow
Salix Pentandra or Bay Willow
Sorbus Aucuparia or Rowan Mountain Ash
Sorbus Torminalis or Wild Service Tree
Tilia Cordata or Small Leaved Lime
Tilia Platyphyllos or Large Leaved Lime
Ulmus Glabra or Wych Elm