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Plants for garden security

These are some common shrubs that are both colourful and very prickly to touch. These security plants are a natural deterrent when placed near walls and fences that intruders may try to climb over.

Do not underestimate these security plants - they are very sharp and should be planted responsibly - away from children and public places.


Vigorous, hardy evergreen
Flowers in early summer with berries in autumn (normally red or yellow).
Height and spread  180cm x 120cm (6ft by 4ft)
Needs well drained soil
Sun or shade
2 inch spikes along very tough, interwoven branches!


Many different kinds/colours to choose from
Ornamental evergreen
Height and spread apx 180cm x 180cm (6ft by 6ft)
Well drained soil
Sun or partial shade
1 inch spikes ranged along all branches!


Hardy, evergreen Holly.
Glossy, strong foliage
Height 3-5 m (10-25ft)
Moist, well drained soil
Sun or partial shade
Prickly leaves and dense growth!


Hardy Evergreen shrub
Fragrant spikes flower in winter
Height and spread 120cm (4ft) in 10 years
Tolerates most soils
Sun or partial shade
Really prickly leaves!


There are a number to choose from that vary in size and shape.
Contact your local garden centre to see what they have on offer. 
Most have sharply pointed leaves - very painful.


Dense thicket - evergreen
Tolerant of shade and dry conditions
Produces bright red berries when both sexes are present.
Height and spread 0.5m x 1m (1.5 ft by 3 ft)
Small but strong pointed leaves!